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Litigation and Disputes Lawyers

Litigation is a reality of business, and even the best-run businesses will eventually find themselves embroiled in business disputes that necessitate or result in litigation.  Owens Tarabichi has the trial and appellate experience to vigorously represent your interests in court.  Moreover, by leveraging technology and our case management expertise, we increase efficiency and decrease costs.  In litigation, Owens Tarabichi’s goal is simple: doing everything we can to ensure that you prevail.

More often than not, however, the inherent delays, risks, and costs of litigation do not benefit the parties involved, and business objectives demand considering alternative forms of dispute resolution.  Owens Tarabichi evaluates the gamut of available dispute resolution mechanisms to resolve our clients’ business disputes efficiently and economically without litigation.  In this regard, we counsel and represent clients in business negotiations, arbitrations, mediations, court-supervised dispute resolutions procedures, and private minitrials.