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Internet and Cybersquatting Lawyer

Internet law (or Cyberlaw) refers to the laws governing activity on the Internet.  Unlike most practice areas, Internet law is not a single, discreet area of the law but rather an amalgamation of several distinct pre-existing areas of the law, each of which are applicable to the Internet.  A sampling of the areas of law encompassed under the umbrella of Internet law includes: contracts, intellectual property (copyright, patent, trademark), privacy, legal procedure (jurisdiction, conflicts of law), defamation, and the First Amendment.

One focus of our Internet law practice is cybersquatting and domain name theft.  As commerce on the Internet continues to grow, so does the value of domain names.  As a result, cybersquatting and domain name theft have grown commensurately.  Cybersquatting occurs when someone registers, traffics in, or uses a domain name with a bad faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone else.  Domain name theft can occur in several ways: the username and password to a domain name account can be stolen, the domain name owner’s email can be spoofed, or the thief engages in social engineering to defraud the domain name registrar.

Owens Tarabichi has substantial experience counseling and representing clients in these areas.  This experience is the foundation for providing you with the highest quality representation needed to tackle today’s Internet and cybersquatting issues.