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Intellectual Property Attorneys

In today’s marketplace, establishing a well thought out strategy for developing, protecting, enforcing, and commercializing intellectual property is essential.  In addition to being a significant company asset, intellectual property can help a company attain and maintain a superior competitive position, ensure business flexibility, and secure profitability.

Owens Tarabichi devises strategies for its clients that maximize intellectual property protection for company assets, such as new technologies or commercialized products, to establish a robust intellectual property portfolio.  For example, we develop such strategies by reviewing the patent landscape of competitors in the same field to identify areas ripe for innovation and those areas that are crowded with patents.  We also determine which forms of intellectual property are most appropriate to protect a given technology or product while simultaneously considering our clients’ overall business goals.  For example, we can advise companies whether to protect their software as a patented invention, copyrighted work, or as a trade secret.

Once the intellectual property has been developed and protected, Owens Tarabichi considers each client’s options for commercializing its existing intellectual property and prepares an appropriate strategy.  Depending on the breadth and type of the client’s intellectual property portfolio, the relevant industry, financial resources and limitations, and the stage of product or technology development, recommended strategies can consist of one or more of the following: licensing or intellectual property purchase agreements, second source arrangements, marketing and distribution agreements, technology exchanges such as cross-licenses, collaborative research and development agreements, and others.