Start-Up Attorney

We have represented many start-up companies and understand their legal needs, particularly the financial constraints under which such companies typically operate.  For most technology start-up companies, early attention to the development of intellectual property protection strategies can be vital to securing funding and the overall success of the company.  Such strategies should address not only patent filing and claim strategies when appropriate but also the trade-offs between patent and trade secret protection.  Trademark filing strategies must also be considered, particularly before adopting a branding strategy.  In addition, start-up companies typically have a need for ordinary business contracts, including employment agreements, ordinary purchase agreements, as well as other contracts typically encountered in the early stages of a company, such as confidentiality, license, and joint development agreements.

As a small firm that provides a full range of intellectual property and related business contract legal services, we are well suited to meet the legal needs of start-up companies.  Our goal is to work closely with the start-up to fully appreciate the company’s business goals and provide legal services commensurate with those goals.