about the firm


Philosophy: a system of values by which one lives.  In the legal world, a law firm’s philosophy defines its personality—also known as the firm’s culture.  At Owens Tarabichi, our philosophy is driven by what our clients want: expertise, understanding, communication, economic value.

Expertise.  Legal competence is no longer a given.  Clients are discovering that the large law firms’ seasoned attorneys who pitched and sold them legal services do not actually do the work; instead, the work is being handed to inexperienced, junior attorneys with little or no training.  This isn’t the case with Owens Tarabichi.  Your legal work is always performed by an experienced attorney with the expertise to protect your legal interests.

Understanding.  Recent research indicates that client needs and priorities change about every 18 months.  To address client needs effectively, attorneys must listen to their clients, learn their clients’ business, and be flexible.  With minimum annual billing quotas of 2000 hours or more, most attorneys simply don’t have the time or inclination to listen, learn, or be flexible.  In contrast, Owens Tarabichi is dedicated to understanding client needs, earning our clients’ trust by ensuring their satisfaction.

Communication.  At the heart of client dissatisfaction is poor communication with their attorneys.  Increasingly, clients are being alienated through non-responsiveness, irregular updates, and generally being excluded from the legal process.  Clear and effective communication is a cornerstone at Owens Tarabichi.  We ensure that you are aware of the status of your matters and are involved in the decision-making process.  We pride ourselves on being readily available and responsive to our clients.

Economic Value.  Today, clients demand greater financial accountability and flexibility from their law firms.  As the stratospheric billing rates of lawyers balloon ever higher without any commensurate increase in service, clients are left short-changed.  Owens Tarabichi is answering the call.  Our billing rates are lower than that of large law firms, and we offer alternative billing structures, such as fixed fees, contingency and result-based fees, and blended-rate fees.